A Rugged and Versatile Altitude Simulation Device

ATS-400 Altitude Digitizer Test Set & Simulator

Test & Simulate Altitude Encoder Parallel and Serial I/O all in One Rugged Test Set!

The TCI Model ATS-400 is designed to test, display and simulate the output of Altitude Reporting Equipment, which conform to the ICAO Standard for SSR Pressure Altitude Transmission. In accordance with the U.S. National Standards for I.F.F. Mark X (SIF)/Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System SIF/ATCRBS. The ATS-400 will also display the output of altitude reporting equipment which transmit serial data in either RS232, RS422, RS485 or ARINC 429 Label 203.

The ATS-400 utilizes an advanced RISC microprocessor to display the output of these devices in both numeric and binary forms, with an input altitude data range covering the full ICAO code from –1000 to +126,000 feet. The ATS-400 may be interfaced with an IBM PC for cross-reference and two-way data communication if required.

The ATS-400 can also function in a simulate mode providing altitude data on the ICAO simulate port (connector J1) and RS232 altitude data on a serial data port (connector J4). In this mode, the test set will output altitude data beginning at –1000 feet, then ascend at 6000 feet per minute to 126,000 feet. The ascent may be halted at any altitude by depressing the simulate toggle. The ascending count may be resumed by depressing the simulate toggle again. The ATS-400 in simulate mode, provides the avionics technician with a known good ICAO altitude code source for testing altitude inputs to transponders, GPS, MFD, auto-pilots and other navigation devices.

The ATS-400 may be used in the aircraft or on the bench making this an extremely versatile piece of test equipment.