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  Sending a unit in for factory sevice? Effective September 1, 2010 an RMA is required. Call or e-mail Trans-Cal service as listed above for an RMA number then download, fill out and print the RMA form found here. Package the unit to prevent damage in transit and send it prepaid to Trans-Cal.
Send to:

Trans-Cal Industries, Inc.
16141 Cohasset St.
Van Nuys, CA   91406-2908 USA
Attn: Service Dept.

Bench Test Charge

Effective as of 1 November 2014, Trans-Cal will charge a flat $75.00 fee for bench test and certification of Solid-State units and $150.00 for Model D120-P2-T. This fee is waived if the instrument is found to be defective in either workmanship or materials within the warranty period.

Test and recertification of TCI instruments is loads of work! Our instruments have a very low failure rate. As of June 2010 the Nano series altitude encoders’ failure rate within the warranty period is 0.3%. When units are returned, we don’t just test them, we cycle, burn-in, vibrate and electrically stress them for 8 to 12 hours! All this testing is required to verify the instruments we are producing are operating within our published specifications and FAA or EASA standards.

TCI bench testing includes:

  • A pressure altitude accuracy test compared to an NIST traceable pressure standard
  • An automated altitude/vibration burn-in cycle test from minimum to maximum altitude for a period of 8 hours minimum
  • An electrical stress test on all outputs to verify maximum electrical operating characteristics
  • All instrument data is logged and archived. A test and certification report is generated and returned with the unit.

The vast majority of units returned to TCI are found to operate well within our published specifications. This change in bench test policy is driven by economic necessity and is designed to encourage the avionics technician to double check their work before boxing a TCI instrument for return.

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